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Cladding is a key element in the aesthetic appeal and function of any building which directly influences property value and sustainability.


Cladding Systems Details

Fibre reinforced cement, and high pressure laminate phenolic panel cladding.


Engineered Architecturals (TM) strives to be a resource to the Architectural community when it comes to product selection assistance. We offer technical support on all our specialty engineered architectural cladding systems that we represent from technical detailing down to specification support.  We proudly source and import only the best high end specialty products and then apply local construction methodology, and implement site condition modified job specific details to ensure compatibility with local environment specific conditions.  We only work with pre-qualified approved fabricators and installers to ensure consistent and quality outcomes.


All our projects are detailed, engineered,  field measured, CNC fabricated,  assembled and manufactured to specification with the utmost care and attention to detail.  System components are then protected, crated (including any required fasteners/hardware), and shipped to jobsite for installation by our network of qualified, factory trained independent installation contractors.


  • 100% environmentally-friendly cladding

  • Rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free.

  • Two dimensional architectural design looks great 

  • Long service life backed up with an excellent warranty program 

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Engineered Architecturals Sempre Panels (TM) Fibre Cement Panels are created from high quality raw materials with basic natural aggregate ingredients, which vary widely between batches due to their unique mineral composition. Final product may show detectable variations in texture, pigment, and finish depending on specification, which is what makes this product so unique and beautiful. Our quality control department will do our best to make panels within the sample range; however we cannot make all panels an exact match to the samples nor to each other.



A self-supporting, compact high pressure laminate (HPL), having a weathering resistant decorative surface suitable for exterior applications. Complies with the requirements settled by the standard EN 438:2016.

Core layers consist of sheets of cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resins. The decorative surfaces consist of one or more layers of cellulose fibres having both technical and aesthetic functions; these layers are impregnated with thermosetting resins suitable for exterior use.

Production Process

The rolls of kraft paper and decorative paper are first put on enormous unwinders, unwound and treated (impregnation in liquid resin bath followed by oven drying and cutting to a defined size).

The kraft paper used for the core of the panels is impregnated with phenolic thermosetting resins, whereas the decorative paper used for the surface is treated with thermosetting melamine resins. This decorative paper (which is made mainly of pigments and/or inks and cellulose pulp) is specifically designed so that it can maintain high levels of resistance to sunlight radiation (including UV rays, visible rays and IR), thus ensuring a good colourfastness.

Kraft paper sheets are stacked up and joined to the decorative paper to make a panel of a specified thickness. Approximately 50 sheets of kraft paper and at least two sheets of decorative paper are needed to make a standard MEG panel (double sided) with nominal thickness of 10 mm.

The stack-up of impregnated sheets are placed into multi-daylight presses and subjected to the simultaneous application of heat (at the temperature of 150 °C) and pressure (9 MPa). The polycondensation reaction takes place leading to the formation of chemical cross-linking structure where both the phenolic and the melamine resins are firmly chemically bonded together.

The panels produced this way are then trimmed and subjected to a final inspection, so that later are ready to be shipped.

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