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The Benefits of outsourcing architectural product sales

The Benefits of outsourcing architectural product sales

If you’re a manufacturer in the Construction industry trying to get your products out to new markets, you’re probably exploring a variety of options to tackle what’s often a daunting task.  Building trust with new clients and closing sales takes time, and the costs of your sales efforts can quickly add up and overextend your resources.  However, outsourcing architectural product sales to a professional representative firms like InterCoast can help you quickly tackle these challenges, and provide even more value to your company. Here are a few key benefits of outsourcing building product sales:

Lower overall sales costs

If you hire and manage your own sales team, it can easily cost $160,000 (or more!) per salesperson annually; on top of that, is the additional overhead to equip and insure them. If you’re a start-up or small manufacturer, these costs may simply be impossible; however, even large well-established companies often feel that money could be better invested to grow their business in other ways. Therefore, outsourcing your sales force can make more happen with less money.

Immediate market access

If you choose the right partner, who has strong integrated connections in your target markets, you’ll immediately benefit from broader access to those markets, and deeper market penetration than you would get on your own.

A highly experienced, multi-skilled sales force

Relying on a professional sales representative team lets you take advantage of their well-established experience and their knowledge of the industry, the market, and the technical and legislative barriers that your product may need to overcome. Furthermore, this can save you time and money on training and research, and will help you bring your products to market faster.

Leveraging established relationships

By outsourcing building product sales, you’ll be able to leverage your partner’s strong, long-established customer relationships. In addition, those relationships will provide you better market intelligence, and the trust and credibility that could take many months or years to build on your own. Additionally, Architects and Engineers limit the brand names they use to only a few well known and proven products in their region; with your partner’s support, your company will be well positioned to break through this bias, and get them to  specify something new.

A partner vested in your success.

Your outsourced sales team has a vested interest in your success, because your success is their success.  Lastly, the right partner will provide all the support you need to get your products specified and used by contractors, and quickly establish your brand in the market.

These are just some of the key reasons to consider outsourcing your architectural product sales to a trusted and well-established representative who understands the market you’re trying to reach.

We work with a large network of Architects, Engineers, and building contractors throughout Western Canada, and represent manufacturers of environmentally sustainable building envelope systems looking to penetrate this market.  We’d love to help bring your quality product to market.

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